Socialist buddies John Key and Andrew Little team up to tax internet purchases

Prime Minister John Key said New Zealand missed out on more than $200 million a year in GST on purchases made online, and that figure was rising. Mr Key said the Government was still committed to the process being undertaken by the club of developed countries, the OECD, to ensure tax was paid on goods consumers bought online from other countries. But it was also looking at what it could do alone if the OECD did not make progress.

“It feels harder. I haven’t seen, you know because the advice hasn’t been developed yet for New Zealand alone. But the minister said to me he’s just looking at a few issues or a few options there,” Mr Key said.

Labour Party leader Andrew Little supports the Government’s initiative. Of course. Thieves must stick together. Mr Little said people buying online from overseas sites without paying GST was unfair on local retailers and suppliers who had to charge the tax. “So to level the playing field I think it is appropriate that we find a way to levy GST off those retail transactions that are done through our credit card system but from overseas suppliers.” Mr Little said as more retail went online the loss in tax income for the Government would get bigger.

I wonder if Winston Peters has got the guts to go against this issue in the Northland by-election. These Communist pricks Key and Little collect and waste far too much money as it is and voters should have a chance to vote on this issue, which they won’t have if all parties agree on it.

5 thoughts on “Socialist buddies John Key and Andrew Little team up to tax internet purchases

  1. Maybe they will lower Gst back to 12.5% when they implement Gst on all international purchase’s… I can see Credit cards charging more fees if they are required to collect tax, i can see work arounds and difficulties in collection and can see it still being cheaper than buying from NZ retailers.


  2. Further confirmation that “they” are thieving bastards. The only thing that the National Party is really good at now is taxing. To my mind, once a person has earned his money, paid his income tax, that should be the end of government depredation. We get little value from the blood unwillingly screwed out of us.
    If they got every dollar, they’d still run short, they’d never have enough. It demonstrates that this government sees NZers as little more than potential targets to screw, and good for little else. Grim.
    I despise them.
    Maybe a change in flag might be on, adopting North Korea’s flag might be appropriate.


  3. Its all about the Money and revenue collection for the Government.

    The excuse this time is a level playing field wait for the health and safety argument as well.

    If the answer to a problem is to TAX it then you know it is a Con.

    They will take the easy money from locals through the local banks but people with relatives overseas and offshore bank accounts will work around it.

    How level is that playing field Key. Just pay using one of your off shore bank accounts.


    • If we compare GST to other taxes, GST is the most fair tax. We have a petrol tax at 90 cents a litre. No matter what the price of petrol is at the pump, 90 cents tax per litre. Crude oil has dropped by 60%, has the pump price dropped by much? No, not by much, because they have to pay that tax, no matter what their price is.

      And raising income tax on the rich won’t do a thing either. People can set up trusts, to minimise tax to the greatest extent possible. Or they can be a Cayman Island’s citizen, pay their rate of tax, and collect the money from their NZ based business, and so their profits go to them in the Cayman Islands. Warren Buffett said to every CEO I’ll give you a million dollars if you can prove that you pay more tax in proportion to your earnings then your secretary. No one has replied in the affirmative.

      So sales tax, is the most fair tax. Am I saying, great now we’ve got GST extended. Not exactly. What other taxes will be offset. Will they lower income tax? Will they lower petrol tax? The answer to these questions is probably no. So, I do not want extra taxes, which means no extra GST, but at the same time, if it means other taxes go down, that’s not too bad. Somehow I don’t think other taxes will go down.


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