15 year old boy arrested by UK police for “racist” tweet

The BBC reports that a teenager has been arrested on suspicion of sending a racist tweet aimed at black UK football player Danny Welbeck.

The 15-year-old boy, from the Salisbury area, was arrested on suspicion of racial abuse and released on bail until 13 April, Wiltshire Police said.

I still cannot believe that these kind of events are occurring so often. Surely more sane people must wake up soon and realise this is nothing more than tyranny. Politicians who support this kind of totalitarian rule are betraying their heritage. I just hope one day there is some payback for these outrages.

I wonder if he was handcuffed and / or put in a cell.

4 thoughts on “15 year old boy arrested by UK police for “racist” tweet

  1. Redbaiter,

    this hypersensitivity about all things to do with race is designed to do 2 things:
    1) silence opposition to the national suicides taking place in every single European country through 3rd world immigration by making every single “offence” by a native person a full blown national scandal no matter how trivial. Witness the worldwide coverage of Chelsea fan pushing someone off a train. Compare this “crime” to the silence on the killings in Britain of Kriss Donald http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Kriss_Donald

    2) create tension amongst the population with the eventual plan to turn citizens against each other in a race/religious war. This will be used to fully implement the totalitarian state the globalists have been pushing for.

    This is no accident. It is all written down in Frankfurt Schools 11 point plan to implement Worldwide Marxism by destroying nations from within. This is all documented, readily accessible but try and bring something like this or “critical theory” up and loons like SH will scream and shout until you give up.


    • Yes, the key pointer to it not being a series of random events is that the same pattern is being followed in almost every western democracy. Allegations of conspiracy theories are only made by people too intellectually lazy and or personally invested to provide counter argument. Critical theory is real and you have to be wilfully blind not to see it occurring. Of course the key to its success is that most of its proponents don’t even know what they’re doing. SH and his idiot hatred of the white European race for example. Just a brain-dead useful idiot to dull witted to see how he is being used to sow division and hate and weaken our social cohesion. (Actually, I doubt the validity of his claim to be Cherokee anyway. He demonstrates exactly the kind of narcissistic pathological personality that would be drawn to that kind of artifice.


  2. Looks like another case of take a small problem, over react add some media exposure and turn it into a Major problem.


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