Fairfax should show some guts and put up paywall

Fairfax reportsThe jobs of most senior editors at Fairfax Media are changing and some may disappear. Staff were told on Tuesday that seven jobs could be disestablished and 12 new senior roles created as part of a move to “make newsrooms more local content and digital focused.”

Executive Editor Sinead Boucher said the changes represent a new way forward centred on “introducing and developing modern newsroom practices, editorial product innovation and audience needs from local communities to the national stage”.

“We’re giving our journalists the right modern tools to tell stories, and get those stories to our audiences faster. It’s about putting our audiences at the centre of everything we do.”

“We’re investing in our people and systems to reinvigorate our newsrooms, strengthening our ability to deliver news and information to our audiences well into the future. These new practices are at the forefront of contemporary journalism,” Boucher said.

This included employing larger teams for video, social media, reader-generated content site Stuff Nation and newsroom developers, she said.

I’d take a guess that what these changes really signal is that Fairfax’s current operations are losing money and this will be an attempt to stem the flow. I don’t read Fairfax at all unless someone points me there, and that won’t change while they employ communists like Andrea Vance.

As for the rest of it, there must be some money in click bait I guess but the real test of worth would be a paywall. If you’re producing stuff that people want to read, it will possibly work. I suggest Fairfax give it a go. What’s to lose really?

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  1. yes good idea put in a pay wall so I do not have to suffer their rubbish.


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