FrackNation exposes the truth Gareth Hughes, Joshua Fox and other frauds don’t want you to know

Gareth Hughes is currently running for leader of the Green Party. You can get a glimpse of him in this excellent video detailing the truth about fracking that Hughes and other chronic liars do not want you to hear. Its a full length feature film, so I hope you have the time to watch it.

Believe me its well worth it as it totally demolishes the scare mongering campaigns of those who oppose fracking. You can see all through the movie these deceitful frauds blustering and or running like jackals any time the truth gets close to them. It’s entertaining too so if you have some spare time, please give it a look.

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3 replies

  1. Good watch. Clearly not funded by big oil and gas, its just a simple rebuttal of Gaslands and that Josh salesman.. Just another example of how a vocal minority of activists have so much influence over a silent majority of pacifists and their weak leadership.



  1. My Article Read (3-18-2015) | My Daily Musing

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