Winston tearing National apart in Northland

Steven Joyce tried to write Winston Peters off as too old and too out of touch in the lead up to the campaigning in the Northland by-election. Now that the campaign is under way its instead Joyce who seems to be constantly on the back foot.

Joyce claimed 7500 new jobs were created in Northland last year. Peters countered this claim by saying many of the jobs were in Whangarei. (not part of the Northland electorate) When questioned on this Joyce stated-

“We’re unable to do a breakdown sub-regionally and obviously some will be in Whangarei but then there’s also people who live in the Northland electorate that work in Whangarei and vice-versa. So we’re talking about the region economically as a whole,”

Peters countered with-

“No doubt about that and second thing, though, is Mr Joyce’s exercise in deception, as I call it, is exposed when you look at the unemployed register. The change is 100.”

National’s clever Mr. Joyce is finding out the hard way Winston is not the too old and out of touch politician he tried to paint him as.

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5 replies

  1. Became tired of Joyce some time ago.

    Thinks he is smarter than he really is.

    Does he really believe half the shit that he pukes up, no, and he expects us to believe it.


  2. Things are getting real sad and desperate over at Kiwiblog. Today’s argument is National “cares” about Northland more than the other parties. FFS – When DPF is forced to used the language of the left to defend the Gnatss, things must be bad.

    The real sad thing is seeing intelligent commentators like KS spinning and deflecting and never in a month of Sundays would he admit the disaster the 5th National Government has been for the country. To admit so, would be to admit that they have been living a lie. Much easier to pretend all is well than admit you might be wrong no matter how disastrous the results.

    Keep up the good work RB



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