A quote for Slater and other same sex marriage Progressives to ponder

This is pretty much one of those shock horror stories from the Australian Daily Mail, but I found one nugget that I thought was worth repeating here.

A woman raised by two lesbians has provoked controversy after publicly announcing that she is against gay marriage because she says she missed out on having her father in her life when growing up.

Heather Barwick, a 31-year-old mother-of-four from South Carolina, says her mother left her father when she was 2 or 3 so that she could move in with the woman she loved.

“Same-sex marriage and parenting withholds either a mother or father from a child while telling him or her that it doesn’t matter. That it’s all the same. But it’s not.”

I doubt Progressives like Slater can come up with an answer to this. Although I doubt it matters to them. They established themselves as “free thinking social revolutionaries on the side of justice and fairness and most of all equality” (vomit) and that was what was important. To them anyway.

3 thoughts on “A quote for Slater and other same sex marriage Progressives to ponder

  1. Makes you feel for the poor kids being brought up by Elton John and mate.Be interesting to see if they have the same response in years to come.


  2. It’s all about selfishness & self indulgence. Screw everybody else.
    There are good reasons why two homosexuals alone cannot conceive & bare children, & this honest response demonstrates why they should not.


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