Simon Bridges- Safer journeys an attempt to head Winston off at the pass.

Simon Bridges bites his lip in trepidation over the Northland by-election

Simon Bridges bites his lip in trepidation over the Northland by-election

Work to improve the safety standard of a dangerous section of road in Northland has begun as part of a nationwide programme to improve regional roads move by National to improve their chances of beating Winston Peters in the Northland by-election.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges today visited the site of the $13m Akerama Curves Realignment Project on State highway 1, south of Kawakawa, where he announced that site preparation for this scheduled upgrade is underway, ahead of full construction beginning next month.

Under the Accelerated Regional Roading Programme, which offers $80 million in additional Crown funding, the realignment project has been sped up by five to six years.

“This project will provide safer and more reliable road journeys for Northlanders and reduce the risk of crashes by providing a straighter and more forgiving road alignment, a handy voting advantage over Winston at just the right time, and hopefully will swing the by-election for us” Mr Bridges says.

The project will include widening the current road layout, removing tight corners, extending the northbound passing lane and constructing a new southbound passing lane.

“Northlanders have made it clear that a safe, resilient road network, that caters for heavy transport and seasonal peaks is an absolute priority, and we have listened to that they are not the electoral pushover we thought they would be, and with the Sabin issue, and Winston campaigning so well, we had to pull some kind of rabbit out of the hat. John, Steven and I think this will do the trick.”

Full press release here.

6 thoughts on “Simon Bridges- Safer journeys an attempt to head Winston off at the pass.

  1. A loss to Winston is as likely to be an anti-Key vote as anything to do with local issues. Key is acting more and more like a dictator. It is quite inappropriate for Key to get involved in the issue of Sikhs carryng ceremonial knives – particularly arguing for a law change.


    • I could be wrong but I detect a climate of fear within National. The Key faction has control and are intolerant of dissent. No Nat party MPs have much to say on flag change issue and when they do say something it reeks of upper level control.


  2. Yep, Key is morally bankrupt, arrogant, short sighted and a bully. It’s obvious his followers are scared to say boo, and no National MP ever speaks out these days. I wouldn’t want to be his slave for all the money in the world, worst and weakest National caucus ever…can’t wait till he finally gets voted out., just out of principle.


  3. A good friend of mine, a Nat Party insider, described the Northland situation as a fiasco. He went on to elaborate on where National has gone wrong – it took a while! Even long-term Nat supporters are getting very antsy with this government.


    • Should’ve voted Conservative.

      I mean: Radio NZ called Key a Socialist at the last election. Radio NZ!!!

      that should be enough for every taxpayer to switch to Colin Craig or ACT permanently.


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