Devoy joins the natives

Devoy There was a common phrase for the English missionary who went astray by succumbing to the customs of the local tribes they were meant to be converting. It was generally referred to as “going native”. Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness was based on this theme. In later times we have seen films like Apocolypse Now or Dancing With Wolves which had similar plots.

I had hopes that Susan Devoy would bring a breath of common sense and fresh air to the office of Race Relations Commissioner but she has gone native for sure.

Just a year or so after being appointed she has succumbed to the brainwashing of the disgusting subversive Progressives who dominate at the commission and come out for an increased refugee intake and the compulsory teaching in schools of the Maori language.

I have always believed the commission to be a waste of taxpayer’s money. If National ever had half a real leader it would have been shut down soon after they took office. Instead this nest of divisive Marxist vipers has been allowed to continue with their vile work and now Devoy is one of them completely.

I am so sick of being told what is good for me by interfering Progressives like Devoy, yet they seem amazingly unaware of how irritating they are, and continue to blather on. Devoy’s comments in particular are typical air-headed bimbo style rubbish.

Such a shame we don’t have a govt a bit more interested in cutting spending and ridding us of these completely unnecessary whiners who have their hands in our pockets stealing our wages at the same time as they tell us what is best for us. And then use the power of big govt to force it upon us. Just arrogant statist scum really.

One thought on “Devoy joins the natives

  1. It is hard to know what she really believes.Maybe she has drunk the coolaid.

    Wonder what her views are on all the negative statistics.

    Crime, prison populations, education, mental health, welfare, housing, domestic violence etc.

    How about the complete breakdown of the Maori Family unit.

    Is non of that race based.

    A good start would be to sack her and disband her department, if for no other reason, that by any objective standards. they have failed.

    I noted the swipe she took at the Government, she must be in her last term and not up for reappointment.


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