France’s socialist govt stops car use in Paris.

AFP reports that French authorities will on Monday prevent one in every two cars from taking to Paris’ streets to fight smog in the capital and northern France. City mayor Anne Hidalgo will also make all public transport temporarily free in a bid to drive down pollution.

“I am delighted the state has agreed to put in place a partial driving ban on Monday, which I have been requesting for several days,” Ms Hidalgo said on Twitter. Only vehicles with number plates ending in an odd number will be allowed to drive, though exceptions will be made for taxis, electric cars, ambulances and similar vehicles.

In Paris, authorities measure the concentration of particulates with a diameter of less than 10 microns called PM10 in the air to determine pollution levels. The safe limit for PM10 is set at 80 micrograms per cubic metre.

According to a 2011 World Health Organisation report, the planet’s most polluted city was Ahvaz in Iran with an average of 372 micrograms per cubic metre. Beijing had an average of 121 micrograms per cubic metre, while Paris was measured at 38.

I find it a bit strange that this report doesn’t give the rate of pollution currently existing. One presumes it would need to exceed 80. Nevertheless the real point is what one socialist govt does, you can bet others will do soon after. Be prepared if you live in Auckland or Wellington or Christchurch. Faceless white coated officials are looking forward to applying this very same “solution” in their own little domains.

3 thoughts on “France’s socialist govt stops car use in Paris.

  1. pm10 is already being used here as the basis for killing off home fires.It is straight out of the United Nations Agenda 21.
    It is a big con costing ratepayers millions unnecessarily to upgrade fires along with other simllar regulations on burning etc.


  2. Good idea but it should only exempt emergency vehicles.

    Imagine Councilors and the Mayor catching the bus.

    It wont work as the public transport system would collapse under the load and most people would be late for work.

    And all the “don’t you know who I am” moppets would not see it as applying to them.

    But it could be a local Council initiative for Council employees. But they pay their own way to work as the Public transport sector is already heavily subsidized.


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