National’s Harmful Digital Communications bill strikes a few stumbling blocks

The first reading of this blunderbuss bill was passed unanimously but I’m pleased to see there is some resistance in the second reading. This is the bill the lamestream media call the Cyber Bullying Bill. It was put in motion by Judith Collins but taken over by Amy Adams after Collins struck a few career problems.

National, United Future, ACT and the Maori Party voted for the legislation. ACT’s weak failure to oppose this bill shows how useless it has become. If its really the “liberal” outfit it professes to be what is it doing endorsing such heavy handed anti-freedom of expression legislation? Criticism has come from Labour and NZ First. And although he’s voted for it twice that old smudgepot Peter Dunne has said he may not vote for it in its final reading.

“I have given no commitment to support the Bill beyond the second reading, in view of the concerns that have been expressed, and pending the government’s response to those concerns,” he said. His concerns centred on “criminalisation and law of unintended consequences…concerns about scope of coverage, and enforceability.”

He is right, and in fact he’s only skimming the surface. This is legislation that would make Mussolini blush, probably in the main written by the half educated ignorant of history progressive loons who call themselves the Law Commission. I’ve written about it before.

Adams says the bill will “prevent and reduce the harm caused by cyber bullying and harassment.” In reality this is just more aggressive anti-freedom of expression over reach by a govt that doesn’t have a clue what it stands for.

2 thoughts on “National’s Harmful Digital Communications bill strikes a few stumbling blocks

  1. a govt that doesn’t have a clue what it stands for.

    Course it knows what it stands for: continuance of Helen Klark’s policies by borrowing and taxing as much as physically possible.


    • Yes labour did increase the TAX take mainly by closing so called loop holes and stronger enforcement.I did not agree with most of it, it was mean and penny pinching.

      But under Cullen, who ran a budget surplus for 9 years, the national debt and debt to GDP ratio dropped.

      Can English say the same?

      Did the National Government take steps to address the Global financial crisis or did they just borrow to cover the shortfall.

      No, they just carried on with the same unsustainable policies of the last, god know how long.

      So the uninformed can live on in ignorance of whats really happening around us.

      Mark my words. This will all end very badly.


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