Nat Northland candidate under scrutiny for museum budget blowout

Paddy Gower reports that National’s Northland by-election candidate Mark Osborne is under “investigation” for budget blowouts at the Te Ahu Arts Centre in Kaitaia. TV3 claims Mr. Osborne is General Manager of the center.

The running of the centre is under review by the council. It cost $15 million to build, but has lost $700,000 in the last two years. It now needs an extra injection of more than $250,000 of ratepayers’ money.

I can’t recall any mention of this position in Mark Osborne’s CV as presented by the Nat party. Apparently they did not know of the situation. When John Key was quizzed today on the issue he claimed to have no knowledge of Osborne’s role at the museum or of the financial losses incurred.

The Northland by-election hasn’t gone well for National and one would expect after the problems of the Sabin selection, they would take more than usual care in selecting his replacement.

However, so far we’re only hearing TV3’s version of the situation. Its probably wise to wait confirmation of the story before condemning National for yet another blunder.

2 thoughts on “Nat Northland candidate under scrutiny for museum budget blowout

  1. The boy looks like he went to the buffet table and forgot to leave. He will do well with Parliaments subsidized wine and cheese.

    But seriously this was the best candidate they could field.

    New Zealand is in big trouble.


  2. Actually I am not sure why this even matters or even news. I don’t know of any fiscal conservatives in National anymore. They all like spending others money and have no concept of thrift. There are very few social conservatives as well. National have totally lost the conservative message and it is real shame that actual fiscal and social conservatives still continue to vote National in their thousands.


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