Ted Cruz- the anti-Obama

Cruz3David Limbaugh at Townhall nails the stark differences between Ted Cruz and Obama.

Ted Cruz is the Antiobama. He represents those of us who believe that Obama and everything he stands for on domestic issues, foreign policy issues and culturally is wrong for and destructive to America. For my money, Cruz is right on all the major issues, from the Constitution to his emphasis on our liberty, including religious liberty, to life to traditional values to health care to taxes to economic growth to education to Israel to defense and foreign policy.

Yes, Cruz is as right as Obama is wrong.

My purpose here is not to formally endorse Sen. Cruz; it’s too early for that. But I will say that we need someone, like Cruz, who, from the bottom of his heart, believes in the ideas that have made this nation the greatest and freest in world history, who is unwilling to give up on America and its ability to rebound from this terrible assault we’ve been under, and who even believes that its best years could lie ahead.

I hope its best years do indeed lie ahead, but the challenge right now is to repair the damage done by decades of progressives in both the Democrats and Republicans. Cruz is the man to do it.

Obama has gone too far toward destroying this nation for us to think it can be healed with half measures. It’s time for the silent majority to recapture its self-image and confidence, to be bold and feisty, and to dare to believe that we can and actually will reclaim this glorious, unique land of liberty that we love.

Cruz has to beat Hillary Clinton. Not easy in a country that today has so many citizens who feed off ignorance, delusion and disengagement. The same destructive corrosive cultural force that elected Obama is still out there.

2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz- the anti-Obama

  1. You can’t get better than Cruz. A champion Yale debater with the values, standards, and policies that a country needs in a President – and especialy in the US at this time, and going while Netanyahu is still fresh in the minds of Americans was a smart move, and Cruz will be the hardest worker on the way to the Whitehouse too. Cruz also has a huge record as the Attorney General of Texas, and he’s done a lot lot more since then. America has seen him working.

    While a vote for Hillary is a vote for Obama’s third term. She’s too old and wellknown while Cruz is the refreshing counter culture – there’s daylight between them – she’ll look dishonest and sneeky while he’ll look principaled and truthful.


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