Weird poll questions from 3News

Why was the question on trust asked with Winston as the subject? It seems to be predicated on the assumption that Winston Peters is less trustworthy than any other politician. I’m not entirely sure that is the case. Winston may be slippery on occasion, but I have never thought him to be that much worse than many other politicians.

Why could it not be “Can you trust Mark Osborne”?

Or why not “Who do you trust more, Winston Peters or Mark Osborne?”

Then we have the bridges issue. “Are the bridge upgrades a bribe?” would seem to be very poorly worded. It seems to me the use of the word “bribe” is pejorative and wrongly predicates the question. I think it would have been better put as “Do you think the planned bridge constructions are designed to influence you to vote for the National Party?”.

Then followed up with, “Will the bridge constructions influence your own vote?”.

I think the only question that was useful was the preferred candidate, which Winston is winning by a big margin. A fact that suggests those polled think the other questions were as idiotic as I think they were.

Most interesting though is why Winston is winning so easily? I can’t put my finger on anything other than Winston’s skills in campaigning combined with Joyce’s ineptness, Key’s over-confidence and Osborne’s ineffectiveness. However I can’t kick the feeling that something else is happening here.

I wonder too if John Key who confidently predicted a walkover for National, still thinks David Farrar’s polling is the best thing since sliced bread.

5 thoughts on “Weird poll questions from 3News

  1. If National and Labour are boring people in a place like Northland to the point that they’ll vote for Winston, then expect a huge result from the Conservatives at the next election. The Conservatives said they had recieved a very good response in the regions at the last election, and that they would like to field more regional candidates and also aim for more regional party votes in the future. Winston polling like this proves to me that the Conservatives are right.
    The Conservatives should become more like the teaparty, raise their voice, and stand their ground on certain issues, as there is nothing between National and Labour in most government policy – that’s after all their compromising and internal polling has been done – so the potential conservative voteing base is much the same from either side, as Winston has proved time and again – albeit he’s not a real conservative.

    NZ voters are prepared to listen to a conservative view as the only other voice is prog/lib/commie sound bites. Ted Cruz needs 50% – ten times more than Colin Craig. It’s easily achievable against a tired looking, and lazy National.


  2. I agree. Next election I’ll support Conservative.

    “Most interesting though is why Winston is winning so easily?” A good point. Winston is personable, & he knows how to tap & exploit the fact that the average citizen is aware that something is seriously wrong with their lot in NZ. The middle class is being screwed senseless by the system. The national party elite & their apparently blind supporters are completely out of touch with this. You have to wonder if they are on painkillers of some sort. Things are not what they used to be.

    I shall not digress about Control Freakism running rampant.


  3. Dare I hope that at long last NZers are awakening to what untrammeled immigration has done to this country and who is responsible for it?

    Nobody asked these elitist pricks to turf our heritage down the drain.


    • The combination of Winston not being much trusted and yet leading by a big margin suggests to me that support for Peters is an anti-National vote.
      Which is encouraging. 🙂


      • Maybe even an anti-Key / Joyce vote.

        I think Key did a lot of damage to National’s prospects by declaring Winston never had a hope in hell.


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