What’s going on here? Bald Michelle Obama

Bald Michelle Michelle Obama appears to be bald during her appearance on the US TV show “Jeopardy”. Could Joan Rivers have been right?

Whatever, it seems a bizarre act from the First Lady and one has to wonder if its not some preemptive event.

Categories: American Politics


8 replies

  1. Red, don’t you mean Michael Obama?


  2. Michelle Obama isn’t quite bald she has what I call peach fuzz on her head. Her head isn’t shining clean like someone bald.


  3. For someone who hates whites as much as she does, she goes out of her way to hide the “peppercorn” hair characteristic of her race and wears flamboyant wigs with straight European-like hair, just as many other racist “African-Americans” like Oprah do. Maybe that florist fled the WH because she messed up Mooche’s wigs.


    • Disgraceful that we have these Marxist racists in the White House. They have done irreparable damage to race relations. Someone like Ben Carson would have done so much better. Obama has poisoned the well for black presidential candidates for a long time.



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