Scott Walker revealed as just another open borders Republican?

I must say I am a bit disappointed to read this given I had more or less settled for Walker as my second choice for POTUS after Ted Cruz. Walker has always had this shadow hanging over him but has lately been working to dispel the idea he’s soft on illegal immigration. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, he may have changed his position again.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told a private dinner of New Hampshire Republicans this month that he backed the idea of allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the country and to eventually become eligible for citizenship, a position at odds with his previous public statements on the matter.

Mr. Walker’s remarks, which were confirmed by three people present and haven’t been reported previously, vary from the call he has made for “no amnesty”—a phrase widely employed by people who believe immigrants who broke the law by entering the country without permission shouldn’t be awarded legal status or citizenship.

If this is true I’ll need to look for a replacement back up to Cruz. Wonder if Palin is going to throw her hat in the ring.

5 thoughts on “Scott Walker revealed as just another open borders Republican?

  1. I don’t believe everything the Wall Street Journal talks about. It is best to wait for other sources talking about Walker flip flopping on Immigration if it is true. The America MSM are looking for ways to take Walker out running for president just like Cruz. This is my opinion though.


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