The MSM- so pathetically afraid to use the C word

I use it as often as I can, for I know its one way to annoy the hell out of the left. They won’t ever admit to being communists. They’re always social democrats, or liberals, or progressives or some other kind of lame euphemism, for it doesn’t suit their self image to be tied to a political ideology dreamed up a couple of centuries ago and that has failed miserably everywhere it has been tried and caused the deaths of a hundred million citizens.

However they’re still everywhere pushing their poisonous failed and evil ideology and even though they come up with a new name for it every few decades its still the same destructive force. Twitter is full of its disgusting proponents whose words echo the dictates of their ideologically greyed out masters and who call everyone sexists or racists or other divisive terms.

I had one odious little example attack me yesterday with such allegations at the same time as her timeline is littered with references to “old white men”. (that this is a stark example of sexism and racism escapes most communists, which shows just how dull witted they are)

She only came to my notice because of her assertion that she “despised our parliamentary prayer and the Westminster system”. Born in NZ, she’s the daughter of Bangladeshi parents who probably came to NZ as a haven from death and destruction, and in return for providing them with a stable democracy and a refuge from murder and mayhem we earn their daughter’s contempt. That is a democracy that thousands of old white men died defending from a totalitarian socialist dictator.

But I digress-

These kind of people reek of standard garden style communism, but they run from the word. In a very clever TV commercial Taco Bell attempts to draw customers away from McDonalds by portraying the latter as a communist state where everything is the same. Most of all breakfast. The ad is fairly hard hitting and has caused considerable comment in the US. I thought it was very well done. However the remarkable thing is that in all of the criticism that the MSM has repeated, very few of them have alluded to the obvious overtones of communism that are integral to the ad.

US Today, Fortune Magazine, Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, and many other MSM outlets all referenced the commercial without using the word communism. Just amazing, and gives rise to the question- “Why would that be so”? I’ll tell you what I think. Because its a reflection on Barack Obama and every other damn progressive out there who will not face up to what they really are. Agents for communist inspired change and revolution who only disagree about the rate such change should occur.

Story sourced from Newsbusters.

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