French elections- Conservatives win, socialists lose

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

France’s conservative UMP was the big winner in the second round of the country’s local elections. The governing Socialists suffered huge losses.

Exit polls Sunday evening indicated a huge triumph for former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who announced his return to politics last September. The conservative UMP will take over 66 to 70 of France’s 101 departements, up from 41.

The second round of local elections was a huge blow to current President Hollande’s Socialists who lost approximately half of their previously held 61 departements.

Although Marine Le Pen’s anti-EU, anti-immigration National Front managed to increase massively on its previous one elected councilor, with another 61 of its candidates being elected, the party still only holds less than 2 percent of France’s 4,108 council seats, meaning that they will be unable to control any of the country’s departements.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, whose deeply unpopular administration had tried to play up modest signs of recovery in the euro zone’s second largest economy, conceded defeat and said the government would introduce new measures aimed at boosting employment and public and private investment. “The far right’s strong, much too strong, results are a challenge to all democrats,” he said. “This is a sign of a lasting upheaval of our political landscape and we will all need to draw lessons from it.”

The FN, which topped last year’s European Parliament elections in France, is aiming to make more progress in regional polls in December. Surveys see Le Pen likely to make it to the second round of the presidential election in 2017, but not win.

3 thoughts on “French elections- Conservatives win, socialists lose

  1. In so many countries, the label “conservative” “right-wing” “Republican” etc. mean nothing. In France, Sarkozy is part of the same stinking cable as the Socialists except with a slightly lower tax rate. Both are happy to see France subsumed by a 3rd world wave funded by a ponzi welfare state. This can only end in the disaster of civil war – it’s just so frustrating that so few people can see that this is going to be the end result.

    The only future for France is for Le Pen.


    • Yes, the terminology is completely inaccurate, its basically just a far left one party establishment with only Le Pen offering something different that the media in their political ignorance choose to call right wing. The forces of ignorance are so monolithic its like trying to move a continent.

      And if it doesn’t end in civil war it will end in subjugation and defeat, especially when we are so white anted by socialist mind and speech control strategies that drive a compliant and “non violent” mindset.

      To be any kind of warrior in these times means having the likes of Rachael Smelly or the HRC come after you. Its a crime to be “offensive”. It disgusts me.


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