NZ’s cultural watchtower guards strut their stuff, hunt man down for “racial abuse”

Smelly Rachael is appalled

Smelly Rachael is appalled

Rachel Smalley from ZB was appalled by it.”It is hideous. I watched it once. I still feel sick.” she declared. “ was long enough to make my ears bleed. Hideous, and I just don’t want to believe that a New Zealander would utter such abuse.” Smelly says further, “Police need to investigate this. No-one should be allowed to spew such racist, bigoted, intimidating bile at another person. Under the Human Rights Act, racial harassment is illegal. Police need to track this man down and absolutely throw the book at him”.

Fairfax reported breathlessly “The net is closing in on a man who unleashed a racist tirade against passengers on a Wellington bus on Wednesday morning.” NZ Bus, which owns Valley Flyer, confirmed on Thursday it had notified police and had also launched an internal investigation after learning about the incident, which occurred on the Valley Flyer on Wednesday morning. “We are taking it very seriously. It’s the type of behaviour that is not acceptable at all,” chief operating officer Tonia Haskell said on Thursday.

Then the breakthrough, again from Fairfax- “Hutt Valley police have arrested and charged a man over a racist rant incident filmed by a bus passenger. The incident took place on a Valley Flyer bus travelling between Petone and Naenae last Wednesday morning. Police were asked to investigated allegations a man had hurled anti-Islamic racial abuse against two passengers after cellphone footage of the incident emerged online.” Hutt Valley Area Commander Inspector Sean Hansen revealed the arrest on Sunday, thanking members of the public for their assistance.

Apparently, people can be prosecuted for recklessly using language deemed threatening or insulting in a public place, or for deliberately addressing another person using indecent or obscene language. The offence is punishable by a fine of $1000. Using obscene language where others might overhear it attracts a lesser fine of $500.

Well, hell, I hear what used to be called obscene language all over the place these days, at any public event and even on mainstream TV, and if actors can use it on TV, or people at a rugby match can use it, but a man is prosecuted for using it on public transport then we have tyranny as exampled by selective prosecution.

Police were still deliberating on their options for the second charge the man would face and police would make a decision by midday Monday, Hansen said. Commentators on the case have previously pointed out it is an offence under the Human Rights Act to incite racial disharmony. The HRC, where ever would we be without this bunch of fascist jack-booted watch tower guards? And what is it with these under-educated Orwellian thugs posturing as our self righteous guardians that they consistently fail to latch on to the simple fact that Islam is not a race.

Frankly I find the whole manufactured outrage at the actions of an obviously mentally impaired person to be incredible. The man has apologised for his outburst. “I’d like to say sorry to those two Islams or Hindus for what I said to them it shouldn’t have happened. I just want to apologise to all my family for what I put them through and I want to apologise to all the people for what I said especially the Maori and that Maori lady.”

When asked why he made the remarks to the men, the accused said he didn’t know. “It just came out that’s all. They reckon it’s racist and I shouldn’t have said it.”

The cops should grow a brain and drop the whole issue rather than pander to the likes of the odious Smalley and her Marxist PCism. This is nothing but a blatant attempt at state driven mind and speech control. Orwellian tyrants sending a message. I have nothing but contempt for these preening posing social monitors and their faux outrage and their cowardly cultural tyranny. The right to freedom of expression trumps this beat up nonsense any day.

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  1. You are correct RB, the “offender” is mentally impaired and I’m surprised that the Police are proceeding with laying charges. That this continues to makes the news can only be about reinforcing to the masses that criticism of Islam or migrants will land one before the beak.


  2. Yes, the Cultural Guards are using this guy to send a message to the rest of us- “you better toe the line or else”

    The problem is these days with history so absent from our education system and social construct these people have no idea what they are part of, what they are building and what it can become.


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