11 years for stealing a purse and wedding ring from dying woman

Daquantrius Johnson

Daquantrius Johnson

Degenerating civilisations produce some lowlife for sure and for an example of just the kind of filth we’re becoming surrounded by today you don’t have to look much further than 21 year old Daquantrius Johnson of Wichita, Kansas.

Danielle Zimmerman, a 43-year-old mother and wife had gone to Taco Bell to get dinner for her family when she fell ill in the drive-through lane and her truck hit the restaurant’s speaker box. She suffered a fatal brain aneurysm and died in hospital the following day.

As she lay dying in the cab of her pickup truck, Daquantrius Johnson reached through the window and took her purse from the seat and the wedding ring off her finger.

Police tracked down Johnson after a tip off. He was accompanied by two other men during the robbery, who were convicted earlier and sentenced to 9 and 19 months in prison. Johnson was convicted of aggravated robbery, and was sentenced to 11 years. This was on top of another 9 1/2 years for other offences. Johnson’s lawyer asked for leniency, but Judge Christopher Magana said “Unfortunately, you have become a predator on others in our society … and the public must be protected from predators and the community must be safeguarded ”

So all up this POS will do almost 21 years in prison. Judge Magana understands what his role in the Justice system is but I don’t think many NZ judges with their weak as water sentencing give two damns about protecting the public from crime. Its not as if we’re not frequently exposed to the same kind of disgustingly amoral behaviour.

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  1. I used to think like that red.

    Now I think it is the profession maintaing the industry that they are all doing very well out of.

    As for Urban Redneck, your dreaming, community service.


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