Hey left wing morons- ISLAM IS NOT A RACE

Protesters waving Australian flags and carrying signs such as “Yes Australia. No Sharia” rallied around the country on Saturday in events organisers said were against Islamic extremism.

The “Reclaim Australia” events drew hundreds of supporters but also triggered counter-rallies from other groups who criticised them as racist and called for greater tolerance.

“Events like theirs incite racism and violence against Muslims,” Clare Fester, who organised the counter-protest in Sydney, said in statement. “Their attacks on Islam imply that anyone who is a Muslim is violent, supports terrorism and is anti-woman. This in an attempt to target all Muslims with classic racist stereotypes.”

Why is it that leftists are constantly just too damn dim to appreciate the fact that Mulsims can be of any race, including European. or African, Asian or Arab. These slow witted well indoctrinated PC imbeciles are too under-educated to appreciate the difference between race and religion, and they can’t deny that they’re dumb because they do it again and again and again and again.

One could almost blame the universities, who are failing us badly and are the places where most of these fools get their ideas from, but of course its not that complicated. Nobody really needs a university education to appreciate such a simple distinction, so what is it with these halfwits?

Not content with that idiocy, these communist scum burnt the Australian flag. Just in case you don’t know what side you’re on, then this video should make your mind up for you.

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  1. “”An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” – Winston Churchill

    If only these “counter-protester” had half an idea of what awaits them in their future, they may possibly have a little more respect and address Reclaim Australia’s concerns.

    I wonder why the brownshirts in that video chanting “all land is Aboriginal Land” are not equally as vociferous about European Land being colonised at the moment?

    The wonders of Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism in full evidence.


  2. You cannot criticize Islam because its racist, this canard could equally apply to criticizm of communism or catholics, the mafia or birdwatching is racist. So Islam is a race only if it is criticized and at no other time apply this measure, for example discussing shia and sunni sectarian disputes as racial attacks, or discussing the haj celebration, or muslims proselytizing new members into their ‘race’, how do you change ones race?, or discussing political Islam in the system of theocracy in Saudi or Iran. Its absurd and comical to be so convolutedly preposterous.

    George Orwell wrote a book ‘1984’ warning that people who think independently, accurately and for themselves is ungood. What you are experiencing arguing theological philosophical points being labelled as racism is doublethink, which is actually thoughtcrime doubleplusungood. OK so lets try again. Criticizing Islam is racism so Islam cannot be criticized. That’s newspeak. Islam cannot be criticized, even in Kenya if a Kenyan at recent anti Islamic protests against Kenyan muslim extremists, subconsciously they are racist.

    Islam is essentially infallibly sacrosanct to discuss their beliefs or ideas with a negative opinion, to do so inculcates a defense mechanism default of impure thoughtcrime rendering the unperson a strawman ad hominen racist. This is Utopia. If you still have any doubts wether 2 plus 2 equals 5 you need to visit room 101 for therapy. Hope that clears things up. Islam cannot be critized.


    • Thanks for the clarification. Amazing when the progressive left would be the first up against the wall if the Islamists ever got the power they crave. Well, maybe second to the homo-fascists.



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