Race Relations Commissioner Devoy exposed as puppet of her own bureaucracy

Devoy Good work by the Otago Daily Times and reporter Hamish McNeilly.

The paper requested an interview with the commissioner after publishing a report on a Dunedin man who snatched keys from a foreign driver. Following her refusal to discuss the issue, the ODT filed an Official Information Act (OIA) request, seeking all documents received or sent by the commissioner on the topic.

The first email, from an undisclosed employee of the Human Rights Commission immediately following the OIA request, advised the commissioner to ”ignore calls and don’t answer phone”.

”Media are after you for comment on foreign drivers getting keys taken off them … we really don’t want to get into this … Police have had their say, PM is all over it etc etc so we are best to leave it at this.”

A follow up email to the commissioner noted, ”I want to keep comments from me so that you are not seen to be commenting on this issue at all”.

”Right now we’ve had no complaints and it’s an operational policing issue that needs to be sorted out at that level immediately, it is also anecdotal with a lot of media hype.”

I said as much in this post “Devoy joins the natives”. She’s dancing to the strings of the politically correct fascists who man her disgusting dept. One day we’ll get a govt that will do what’s necessary and right and close the whole thing down.

One thought on “Race Relations Commissioner Devoy exposed as puppet of her own bureaucracy

  1. So after a little scratch at the surface, one can see what is underneath…
    I can imagine this as the tip of the iceberg across all bureaucratic departments.
    When people say;
    ‘If you don’t vote, you don’t get a say/can’t complain’,
    I have to sigh šŸ˜¦


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