Australian homosexual MP Penny Wong refers to new IVF baby as “her child’

Wong and partner with 1st IVF baby

Wong and partner with 1st IVF baby

The Sydney Morning Herald reports breathlessly that South Australian Senator Penny Wong has welcomed her second child. The Labor senator shared the news with her 114,000 followers on Twitter this morning.

“Sophie and I are delighted to announce the arrival of Hannah, a sister to Alexandra,” Wong wrote on Twitter. “Everyone is doing well.”

This is the second child for Wong, 46, and her partner Sophie Allouache. The couple, who are already parents to three-year-old Alexandra, announced that they were expecting a second child in an interview with The Advertiser last December.

Wong said baby Hannah was conceived through IVF with the help of the same man who helped them to become parents to Alexandra in 2011. The senator has previously said that the man is known to the couple, but his name will not be released to the media.

I don’t like Penny Wong. Not because she’s lesbian but because she is a typical smug arrogant far left Progressive. Neither do I like these kind of arrangements where babies are farmed out to same sex couples pretending to be normal married couples. What becomes of the child’s relationship to its true father?

It just sounds to me like the ultimate narcissistic ego trip.

4 thoughts on “Australian homosexual MP Penny Wong refers to new IVF baby as “her child’

  1. Cultural Marxism can best be summed up by the phrase – “normalisation of abnormal”.

    The historian who one day writes of the history of a long disappeared Western Society will discover stories like this and cite it as evidence of how a once proud culture became so debased before it disappeared


    • Yes, asking “Are fathers (or men) necessary?” is the ultimate sexism. That it’s so casually thrown out by feminists says it all about them. Not to mention their relationship to their own father… Misery loves company and I’ve often thought the feminists are just here to spread theirs. They actually see it as a positive innovation, rather than a prospect ideally guarded against for men’s sake – Men? Who?

      Another happy innovation of human thought from the Baby Boomer gen.


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