India not looking like a signer for new global climate treaty

In case you did not know, climate alarmists are organising a massive meeting in Paris towards the end of this year with the objective of signing as many nations as possible to a new global treaty on climate change.

Now we don’t need to be Einsteins to understand the kind of draconian legislation these fascists are going to try and foist upon us. I am hoping like hell the meeting will end in disarray and disagreement. If it doesn’t, we’ll all need to hang on to our wallets just that little bit tighter. Its going to be a massive grab for global socialism and wealth re-distribution on a scale yet to be seen in the modern world.

Leaving aside the usual violations of personal liberties that are implicit in any such global agreements where the United Nations is the prime mover.

So I was encouraged to read the words of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who doesn’t sound at all willing. India is the world’s No.3 emitter of greenhouse gases, and has come under pressure to tackle its rapidly rising emissions. Getting India to agree to a strategy to lower its own emissions is vital if the talks are to be judged a success. However, the Indian government has said it needs to emit more to industrialize and lift millions out of poverty.

“The world guides us on climate change and we follow them? The world sets the parameters and we follow them? It is not like that,” Modi said at an event in Delhi. “We can lead the world.”

India wants to use nuclear power, but some countries maintain a ban on selling uranium there because New Delhi has refused to ratify the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. India is pushing for this ban to be lifted rather than signing up to draconian legislation based on fairy tales.

So all good, the more dissenters the better, and India has started the ball rolling. Canada Brazil and Japan are also resisting. The left know this is their last shot at world domination and tyranny, so they will be pulling out all stops for a win. If there is no agreement, it will probably signal the end for now of the left’s global power ambitions. Won’t that be damn good? I’m hoping it happens.

2 thoughts on “India not looking like a signer for new global climate treaty

  1. Even if India signed up to the bullshit they would simply ignore it if it suited them. Contracts are more like guidelines – its a cultural thing. China is similar.


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