Campbell Live on the skids, commies squealing like stuck pigs

CampbellCampbell Live celebrated its 10th anniversary in March this year with some of the worst ratings the series has ever had. The average audience for the week ending 30th March was down a disappointing 19% on the previous week to only 154,576 viewers per night with Tuesday and Thursday delivering only 116,040 and 118,590 viewers respectively.

Tuesday night saw the 7th lowest average audience in the history of the current affairs series while Thursday’s was the 9th lowest.

TV One’s Seven Sharp recently broke the half million nightly viewers mark. I’ve never seen the show, but most of my friends tell me its insulting and infantile crap. I’d say it most likely is, and its ratings are dropping too overall. However they’re stellar compared to Campbell Live.

I’m amused to see the usual suspects are squealing their heads off over the suggestion that the Campbell show might be dropped. And in all of the complaining I have read, from Russell Brown at Public Address, or any other extreme left outlet, nowhere yet have I seen the slightest recognition of TV’s right as a private company to hire and fire who it wants and put on whatever show it wants, or doesn’t want.

Even when they acknowledge that its Julie Christie’s job (Strategy manager) to make the company profitable they seek to prevent her from taking decisions that will do just that.

John Campbell openly supported Jim Anderton’s Progressive and the Alliance party and is so far left he even got under Helen Clark’s skin. The mainly Communist clique who support him will just have to live without their darling.

Of course if he’s such a draw card, and such a wonderful TV personality, they could always build a business plan, set up their own company and either employ Campbell themselves or even produce a show in the open market. I can just see them shrieking now- “What, you mean put OUR OWN MONEY AT RISK???”.

On 17 June 2013 the parent company of TV3 went into receivership, this being the second receivership for TV3. When TV3’s parent company Mediaworks was purchased by Ironbridge Capital they took on $700 Million of debt which could no longer be sustained.

Current management of TV3 have to make the station a goer or its all over rover. Commies who support Johnny Campbell should STFU and let the staff running the company, those responsible for generating the income that pays the staff’s wages, and getting the company out of the hole it is in, do what they think is best to manage it.

Disclaimer: Really, I couldn’t give a damn if TV3 or even TV One go tits up. Almost all broadcasting in NZ is a disgrace because it has been captured by Progressives and that makes them persona non grata to me and most other Conservatives I know.

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  1. The problem I had with John Campbell was that he could not bring himself to ask the real relevant questions.

    Far to PC


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