Walter Scott shooting- despicable crime but not the race issue the left would make of it

I think we need to be careful about allowing the left to lead us astray on the matter of Walter Scott’s shooting. From the video it appears as if its a clear case of a police officer exceeding his duties in the worst way. We also need answers on what happened during the four days between when the shooting occurred, when the video was published and when Michael Slager was charged with murder. If there was a cover up, as some are suggesting, it should be reasonably easy to expose.

However to me there are two issues here-

1) The US Police state, and

2) the push by political activists on the left to divide us along race grounds and in particular attack the white race.

We should not conflate the two.

The rise of the Police State in the US is a legitimate concern and I think most readers of this blog will agree the police are out of control, too often unaccountable and militarised in a way they should not be.

However the charge that they shoot too many blacks is IMHO divisive propaganda and not supported by fact. In the decade preceding 2012, 2,151 whites died by being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks. Ok, so there’s about 5 times more whites than blacks, so some might say the numbers still show prejudice against blacks.

However blacks commit crime at a rate roughly three and a half times higher than whites. Current felony rates stand at 330 per 100,000 for whites and 1,178 per 100,000 for blacks. So there is no real evidence of selective shooting of black offenders.

Here is the real crux of the issue. An African-American is 60 times more likely to be killed by a fellow African American than he is by a white cop, and white cops are out there along with black cops putting their lives at risk trying to stop these killings.

If the concern is for the number of blacks being killed then the black community needs to look at itself before it tries to push any divisive anti-white Marxist propaganda about race based shootings.

5 thoughts on “Walter Scott shooting- despicable crime but not the race issue the left would make of it

  1. Exactly my feelings Reddy,

    I expressed close to the same thoughts on Commieblog yesterday and got roundly downvoted, called a conspiracy theorist – usual par for the course. The commentator “CharlieBrown” posted a very good comment along similar lines last night and got more downticks than upticks:

    Hate to say it, but Commieblog has become the ultimate blog for unthinking drones – they just don’t see what is going on around them and think as long as they keep ticking National/Conservative/Republican etc. all will be right.

    We have seen perhaps the biggest encroachment of the Police State in NZ over the past year which I often try to point out when I comment and if I post to that effect and blame “the State” I receive 95% upticks, blame the “National Party” however and the ratio will be 33/67 downvotes.

    I hate using the term “sheeple”, but sometimes it’s the moniker that best describes a large chunk of the populace.


  2. The unfortunate thing too is that this kind of incident gives the race pimping commies years worth of ammunition.


  3. The shooting is a tragedy on a personal level for all involved,including Slager.I don’t believe he went to work that morning with the intention of murdering a black. I do believe he shot the man in the heat of the moment thereby committing manslaughter and the shooting cannot be justified.But these things happen every day over there and the progressive media have turned it into a race incident ,which it is not.Also the amount of coverage this relatively insignificant event is given on the world stage is out of all proportion to what occurred.Simply proves the MSM is agenda driven.


    • Whether the charge of murder is valid or not will depend quite a bit on what happened during the time the shooting occurred and when the video was made public. If Slager’s original report of what occurred differed to the actual event we saw, then it could validate the murder charge.


      • My view is based on the fact that there was a struggle (albeit minor), Scott tried to grab the taser, the fact Slager was using a taser in the first place rather than his gun showed an intent to arrest not kill. If Slager was the murderer he is being made out to be he would have just shot Scott in the first place. This is a heat of the moment thing, not premeditated murder. Still not justified or justifiable.


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