Claim- persecution drives Muslims to join terror groups

Keysar Trad

Keysar Trad

I didn’t know this until today, but in an attempt to combat internal Islamic dissent, the Australian govt has allocated $14 million for “community-led deradicalisation initiatives and $545 million for the inclusion programs by the Department of Social Services.” This seems to me to be a very high price to pay for an immigration program that has been seriously flawed, and for which somebody needs to be made accountable. It won’t work either.

Here is a perfect example of why, from the SMH

Young Australians are joining terror groups because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution and international atrocities committed by the West, a local Muslim leader has warned.

Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, said his comments were crucial to understanding why more than 200 Australians have taken up arms in Syria and Iraq.

In a scathing assessment of Australia’s efforts to create a harmonious society, he said constant persecution, hypocritical Australian laws, vitriolic media and repeated invasions in the Middle East were pushing young Muslims “to the margins of society” and driving them to radicalisation.

“Denying the root causes is like applying a Band-Aid to an open wound before cleaning and disinfecting it,” he told an anti-radicalisation forum at the University of Western Sydney on Wednesday night. His comments were reflected in a recent study that found one in five Australian Muslims think terrorists have legitimate grievances.

“Why do we wonder why the blood inside that young Muslim doesn’t boil to the extent that he feels that he has to do something?” Mr Trad said Australian Muslims were confronted with “systemic discrimination”, opportunistic political commentary, unemployment and “duplicitous standards” in law enforcement.

“It is hard to argue with a young person who starts to cite all these issues, you can see the fire in their bellies, you in fact feel the same fire yourself,” he said. “All the above factors compound to different extents the sense of victimisation and alienation amongst youths in general and Muslim youths in particular.”

In contrast, IS propaganda tells young people: “Join us and you will belong, you will not be discriminated against, you can go wild, let loose your facial hair and you become the law.” he said.

There is not much to say about this atrocious reversal of reality. These arrogant scum broadcast videos of their cowardly acts into the West and then say we are the cause of ill feeling? Not much I have read has been more condemning of Islamic immigration than the above report. Just what are we doing allowing these people to live among us?

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