Missouri- Voters fight back against “discrimination” laws

At last we’re seeing some push back against unwanted rules and regulations foisted upon the public by out of touch self-interested elitists. Associated Press reports

Voters in Missouri’s third largest city of Springfield voted Tuesday to repeal an ordinance that provided protection against discrimination in housing and hiring based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Unofficial final results showed that repeal of the ordinance passed with 51.4 percent of the vote.

Officials with PROMO, an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Missouri, called the vote disappointing.

The Springfield City Council passed the law in October, but opponents quickly began a petition drive to repeal it, forcing the public vote. Springfield has about 165,000 residents.

Opponents of the anti-discrimination ordinance said it was poorly written and that a Human Rights Commission set up by the city had too much power to investigate and sanction.

That sounds one hell of a lot like NZ’s Human Rights Commission another bunch of similarly out of touch would be tyrants whose contemptible mission is to tell us how to think and what to say. I wonder if a simialr petition here would garner enough signatures. Not that Key and his collection of Progressive PC wimps currently posing as the National Party would act on it.

3 thoughts on “Missouri- Voters fight back against “discrimination” laws

  1. National have utterly capitulated to the Left’s destructive sexual and cultural agenda. Same with the UK Tories.


  2. Yet another example of why we need legally binding referendum, and why significant laws should also be decided by referendum. Not the Government claiming to have a mandate because they had won an election on a wide range of subjects and policies.


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