More police brutality- San Bernardino cops beat helpless offender in disgusting frenzy of violence

This is one of the most disgusting videos of police brutality I have seen in some time. Apparently the man fled an attempted arrest in a car, and then dumped the car to steal a horse from a party passing by, and rode off into the San Bernadino desert.

He was chased by police helicopters, and appears to fall from the horse and then attempt to hide in bushes. The police have meanwhile alighted from the helicopter and are closing in on foot.

The fugitive appears to decide to surrender and comes out of the bushes and lies on the ground in prone face down position where he is tasered twice in quick succession even when he has his hands behind his back, and is then kicked and punched mercilessly for more than two minutes by up to 11 police officers.

The video was taken from a news helicopter that the police on the ground had mistaken for another police helicopter, hence their lack of care concerning their actions.

In the two minutes after the man was stunned twice with a taser, kicked 17 times, punched 37 times and struck with batons four times. Thirteen blows appeared to be to the head.

After the police became aware their assault had been filmed they claimed dehydration of two of their members and a horse kick as justification.

These violent vicious cowardly scum need to go down for a long time and so does Sheriff John McMahon who appears to think there could have been some justification for the beating. There is not Sheriff, the man had surrendered.

The victim was identified as Francis Jared Pusok, 30, of Apple Valley, who was hospitalized with unknown injuries.

Cops are out of control in the US and the Police State that so many Americans fear has in fact arrived long ago. The thugs who carried out this assault are little better than the crooks they claim they want to protect us from.

6 thoughts on “More police brutality- San Bernardino cops beat helpless offender in disgusting frenzy of violence

  1. looked like they were fighting each other off to get at him, including a kick to the head and gonads.

    Yes The Police state and militarization of the Police in the US has arrived.

    We are seeing the same steady march towards it here in NZ.

    look at the over reaction to a suspected, still no charges, to DotGone. The main charge is not even illegal in New Zealand.Then Customs looking for brownie points with the US administration, Then the involvement of our spies, illegally, no one charged because there was no “intent” to break the law.

    Then the Key Government not knowing anything about it, despite authorizing it.

    No, we are fast following the US lead.


  2. Yes this is disgusting. But it would be helpful if you posted the beginning of the raw footage, 6:02 video. Why? Because the female aboard the NBC “news” copter was positively gleeful about getting on film what was about to happen. “I don’t want you to lose THIS.” WTF? How’d she know ahead of time it was going to be this much of a story?

    You know we more and more have a Soviet-Style Media each day.
    You know that the Fed govt is looking for all sorts of reasons to nationalize local law enforcement.
    You know that law enforcement is still stinging and ever hampered from the Rodney King episode, especially in southern California, so it has got to be in the minds of most LEOs.

    Call me crazy if you want to RB, but I’m loaning you my skeptic’s eyesight.
    Could this have been staged given the realities of the above?

    Even in the 19th Century “A lie is up and around the world 3 times before the truth gets its pants on.” — Mark Twain

    Too many things about this plays into the hands of Obama and Holder (or his alleged replacement).


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