NZ Herald says opinions at variance with left should not be aired

Todd Barclay

Todd Barclay

This is one of the most arrogant examples of partisan reporting I have read in the NZ Herald lately. Anonymous of course, with a byline that says it came from Herald owner’s new-gathering group NZME.

As we all know, there’s a great chance that the Campbell Live show might be cancelled. NZ’s hard left has got their nickers in a right twist over the potential sacking of their chief propagandist. Other’s aren’t that bothered and more than a few are pleased at the news. One of the latter category is the National Party MP for Clutha-Southland, Mr. Todd Barclay.

Mr Barclay posted a Facebook comment that said:

“No surprises that it’s only Labour Party MPs scrambling to keep Campbell Live running… #goodjobmikehosking.”

This has “left people seething” says the Herald report. Not leftists you will note, but “people”.

Todd Barclay apologised for his comment and removed it. He said “I stand corrected, Campbell Live does have a lot of supporters. I guess it’s down to personal preference etc.”

The Herald continues its affronted tone-

Despite his apology, many of Mr Barclay’s followers remained unimpressed by his earlier comment.

“That status was disgusting. John Campbell is 10 times the man than anyone in parliament right now. You should be shaking the hand of man doing such great work in this country not tearing him down. Bad bad form,” one person posted.

Another said: “Well done for apologising! Make sure next time to think about what you’re saying before you post it on Facebook.”

Others called the post “disgusting” and “rude”.

Note not one word to suggest that supporters of John Campbell are most likely to be hard leftist or communist. Once again we see neutral nouns like “person” and “others”.

As for the apology, normally, I might admonish the MP for cowardice and capitulation and a lack of plain guts. However the guy is only 24. (NZ’s youngest MP), and its highly likely he’s done as he’s been told by someone further up the chain of useless gutless surrender monkeys that pose as the National Party.

The Nat’s collective cowardice is not the issue though. We come to expect this kind of behaviour from that pack of Progressive losers.

What has really made my blood boil is the tone of the article written by the faceless no hoper from NZME. Since when has it been verboten to have an opinion that confronts the left in this country? Whoever wrote that disgraceful article should FO to North Korea where they’ll be right at home with the Nth Korean govt and their like disregard for freedom of expression. The writer is obviously not at home in a pluralistic Western democracy.

Unless its true we just don’t have one anymore.

6 thoughts on “NZ Herald says opinions at variance with left should not be aired

  1. 2 things:

    Has this really left people “seething” or is the author trying to hypersensitise people by using such inflammatory language? A facebook post by a 24 year old backbench MP? People really need to get a life.

    Why apologise? It just makes it seem as if your critics had a point.


  2. The rest of the media are circling the wagons around Campbell in order to shame the Mediaworks management into keeping Campbell on.


  3. The petitions objecting to his potential firing have been struggling to reach 25000. Out of say one million potential TV viewers what does that say?

    That’s the trouble with NZ’s socialist political sector, they think they have an automatic share in the ownership of everyone else’s property.


  4. Legitimate comment and if the shoe was on the other foot, the lefties would be far more scathing and vigorously celebrate the potential loss of a conservative opinion. Hypocrites of the worse kind.

    It really does expose the fact that they don’t see two sides to an argument, these people have been playing unopposed for too long!


    • Ergo the news media’s feeding frenzy over Paul Henry…..and he’s not even conservative, just non-PC.


    • There aren’t two sides to an argument with socialism

      any more there are two sides to an argument about a flat earth

      both must be treated with the derision they deserve – and kept of the radio and TV!


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