Be grateful, the Guardians are looking out for us

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A television commercial for the Korando sport utility vehicle built by the South Korean automobile manufacturer SsangYong Motor has been ordered off New Zealand television due to its use of fog lights.

The add was filmed overseas but shows a Korando being driven over a variety of terrain during daylight hours, with its fog lights on the whole time.

Someone complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that in New Zealand it was illegal to use fog lights when driving in clear weather. The Authority upheld the complaint, saying the ad features an unsafe practice.

That some damn fool has the time, and cares enough about such a trivial issue is one thing. That the NZ media in the form of its self regulating body the ASA should actually give credence to such a piss weak concern is another altogether.

4 thoughts on “Be grateful, the Guardians are looking out for us

  1. What law does Back to Future’s DeLorean break when it starts flying in the air like that? I seen that on TV once.


  2. It is illegal to use fog lights in clear weather. WTF

    It is legal to use driving lights during the day. Road safety, anything that helps a vehicle be seen must be good right.What about motorbikes.

    Fog lights are dipped they are not headlights on full beam.

    But more importantly the vehicle was not being driven on a legal road. “being driven over a variety of terrain”

    What we need is parliament to look at the 1100- road laws decide what is a waste of time, not being enforced or not bringing in enough revenue, and have an omnibus bill to get rid of those that are not serving any useful purpose. Yeah right.


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