Key supports crooked extreme left presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

ScreenShot0300 John Key has a history of sucking up to and rubbing shoulders with left wing political leaders. Julia Gillard, Obama, Chinese Communists and Generals, David Cameron, Billy Boy Clinton, and now he’s exceeded himself by talking up the latter’s wife in her presidential ambitions. The NZ Herald reports

Hillary Clinton would be a good political partner for New Zealand if she became the US president, Prime Minister John Key says.

“It would be good for New Zealand in the sense that she knows New Zealand,” he said on Paul Henry this morning. “I’ve met her on lots of occasions, had dinner with her at Premier House a few times. As Secretary of State she was great, very engaged with New Zealand, very knowledgeable.”

Mrs Clinton had “a very, very good chance” of winning, he said. “She’s got massive credentials, she’s well known,” he said.

What credentials FFS? Clinton’s the Kim Kardashian of US politics, and apart from being the only first lady ever fingerprinted by the FBI, all that she’s ever done is coat tailed off her lying cheating husband Billy Boy. Who she didn’t have the guts to divorce. Her notoriety isn’t just limited to the things I have listed below either-

  • Being fired from the Watergate investigation for unethical behaviour and lying
  • Lying over Travelgate
  • Lying over a 10,000% profit she made commodity trading while Bill was Governor of Arkansas
  • Lying over the Whitewater investigation
  • Lying over the Benghazi attack and destroying the email evidence
  • She’s a friend and admirer of Communist radical Saul Alinksy who was the subject of her college thesis
  • Lied about being under sniper fire in Bosnia
  • Betrayed her innate Marxist mindset when she said “we’re going to take things away from you for the common good”

Yeah massive credentials alright John. As a sneaking untrustworthy lying communist. How’s that going to be good for NZ?

4 thoughts on “Key supports crooked extreme left presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

  1. Well of course he does. Key is far, far to the left of Clinton, and pretty far to the left of the Greek government (which, let us remember, is being hammered by the openly-communist EU for being too left wing!)

    If NZ was subjected to the same fiscal discipline as any EU state, we’d be in the same mess as Portugal, Spain, or Greece.


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