Hollywood liberal Gwyneth Paltrow endures harsh dose of reality

Paltrow fat Don’t you get sick of these over-paid left wing liberal/ progressive Hollywood no-talents preaching on politics and social issues?

Last week, Gwyneth Paltrow, who is typical of the class described above, announced that she had accepted The Food Bank for New York City challenge to live on food stamps for one week, with a grocery budget of $29 or about $1.38 per meal.

Once Paltrow, who runs the luxury lifestyle website Goop, had accepted the challenge, she tweeted a picture of her $29 in food choices — brown rice, black beans, peas, eggs, tortillas, cilantro, limes and fresh vegetables. She also commented that she was taking the challenge and “walking in their shoes to see how far we get.”

As happens often, the harsh reality of life was brought home to Paltrow by a legion of Twitter users who mercilessly panned her for her patronising hypocrisy.

“Vast difference living on food stamps for 1 week knowing you’ve a safety net of millions, and that being your life every day Gwyneth Paltrow,” tweeted one person.

“Don’t Worry, Poor People: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Here to Show You How to GOOP Your Food-Stamp Benefits,” said another.

Other responses included-

Maybe instead of grandstanding about $29… you could help normal people and donate some of your millions to a food bank?

Vast difference living on food stamps for 1 week knowing you’ve a safetynet of millions, and that being your life every day

its so cool how celebs (gwyneth paltrow) can challenge themselves to live off a food stamp budget like its a game or something

Maybe instead of making a scene living as a poor, Gwyneth Paltrow could’ve donated 1/100 of her $280M net worth to food stamp families.

Have to laugh. Its good to see these insuffereable progs get their arses kicked by reality once in a while.

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  1. She looks like she does not need to eat for a few weeks.



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