Housing insulation plan good example of how socialism corrodes self reliance

Free money The govt’s Healthy Homes programme makes insulation available for houses that need it most for low or no cost. South Auckland resident Piri Williams has just had her home insulated, after living in a damp house for 15 or so years.

“There’s no hidden agenda, there’s no catch … like for a lot of us from the Pacific Islands and other ethnic groups, the first question will be – ‘is it free?’ ” she said.

So who the hell told Mrs/ Miss Williams that her insulation was “free” when its actually paid for by other NZers? People with their own families to look after and their own houses to insulate.

Who put the idea into her head that the govt is a source of free stuff? I’ll tell you. Power hungry socialist politicians in National and Labour who do not give one damn for the long term damage such impressions cause as long as it gives them a quick ticket to political power.

Government cronyist Paul Thomson, who is apparently an installation contractor has criticised landlords for being lazy and disinterested in installing insulation. Well he would, wouldn’t he.

The president of the Property Investors Federation, Terry le Grove, said even though the scheme was subsidised, there had been some rumblings of discontent about the cost.

“There has been some disquiet about some of the costings of the scheme … sometimes it’s more cost efficient to buy the bales yourself out of a store, and install it yourself,” he said.

Whatever, its you and I that are paying for this and its because we are forced to do so by a string of socialist governments who seem incapable of reaching the simple and logical conclusion that people will look after themselves so much better if their will to do so is not destroyed by leeching power hungry politicians buying votes with other people’s money.

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4 replies

  1. South Island I can understand maybe.

    But Auckland it does not get to hot or cold, seriously.


  2. “..people will look after themselves so much better if their will to do so is not destroyed by leeching power hungry politicians buying votes with other people’s money.”


  3. I don’t give two figs for the will of leeches or bludgers!

    I care about my tax dollars being taken to pay for all this useless socialist crap! Even if Kiwi saver, or the insulation scheme, or ACC, or state healthcare or education or roads or police or whatever could be “statistically proved” to be more efficient or more effective or more healthy or lead to greater economic growth or whatever or even if it somehow “increased the will of the bludgers” such policies would still be totally wrong


  4. So what’s your point? Mine is that the reason these things happen is because socialism corrodes the will of people to look after themselves. Unless you have a point to make in respect of that you’re just wasting my time and yours. Ranting endlessly and madly about how much you hate socialism says nothing that is of interest to me or anyone.


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