More than 60% of US Jews still vote for Obama

Obama has Netanyahu's backI have read that in the 2008 election that brought Obama to power he received around 75% of the Jewish vote. A fact I thought strange given the Republicans have always been far more supportive of Israel than the democrats and George Bush especially so.

This figure only dropped to around 70% in the 2012 election, when by that time Obama had clearly established himself as a leader hostile to Israel and sympathetic to Arab causes.

Jewish voters are a key constituency in swing states such as Florida and Ohio, and have helped keep states like New Jersey firmly in the Democratic camp during presidential elections.

Now, after eight years of Obama, and with his innate left wing hostility towards Israel clearly displayed, recent surveys show American Jews have only marginally adjusted, dropping to 61% support for the Democrats.

Republican Jewish support has risen by a corresponding amount from around 20% to 31%.

So I guess US Jews are waking up to the fact that when Obama said he had Israel’s back, he never really meant it, and they’re probably wishing he was half as kind to democratic Israel as he is to Iranian mullahs and Cuban communist dictators.

All the same, if American Jews are indeed waking up, they’re being exceedingly slow about it.



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4 replies

  1. Morons that just happen to be Jewish perhaps?


  2. Well past time the constitution was enforced so that anti-americans candidates cannot stand for office, and anti-american voters can no longer vote.


  3. Is this similar to NZ, where the majority of Christians vote for the very liberal National Party? Something I can’t get my head around. If they simply voted conservative values (both social and fiscal) then they would get a much better country. Most likely the answer is, they think the National party is conservative but in actual reality they have moved left and are now a liberal party.



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