Auckland housing- Labour and ACT both ignore elephant in room

racist Progressives have a strategy of labeling anything that makes them uncomfortable politically by a dismissive or pejorative term. For example, if you have a view that challenges the current progressive orthodoxy that NZ needs “diversity”, and that multi-culturalism brings “vibrancy”, you’re labeled racist and or xenophobic.

So rather than discuss the real issue, they scream those allegations and then turn away, for you have been put in a box that just cannot be opened.

It is this strategy that has created a climate where the issue of immigration cannot be discussed in any rational way, and that is why in my opinion we have both Labour and ACT trying to make some capital out of concern with the Auckland property market and National’s inaction, but being too cowed by PCism to address the real issue- that is simply over crowding caused by an immigration policy that is out of control.

Speaking about Reserve Bank deputy Governor Grant Spencer’s criticism of steeply rising Auckland house prices today, Labour leader Andrew Little flapped about a lot but said little of substance-

The Government had options to tackle the problem but it was not using them, he said. “It can happen in terms of house building, it can happen in terms of policy to knock the speculators on the head but for heaven’s sake – please do something.”

ACT Party leader David Seymour ran an endless cassette tape in place of any good ideas, and said the Government needed to get rid of the “draconian” regulations it had in place.

“Everybody now recognises there’s a problem. The question is does New Zealand have the fortitude to accept the RMA and our regulatory environment have got it wrong and we need to act fast before we create a tenant generation and a have and have not economically unstable society,” says David.

David, we already have both of those things. and we’ve had politicians whining about the RMA for about 20 years and nothing changes.

So why, when we have these acknowledged problems do we continue with a flow of immigration we know only exacerbates those problems?

Why can’t you David and Andrew Little speak the truth and call for a stop or a slowdown in immigration?

I’ll tell you why. You’re both a couple of PC losers too cowed to speak the truth because you tremble with fear that someone may label you racist or xenophobic.

Leaving aside the primary truth that its all being done to underpin what National falsely calls its “rock star economy”.

Is it just coincidence that Auckland with its clogged roads and schools and its bogged down council is short of about 30,000 houses and that’s about what its gained in people over the last year or so? It has to be, or the shortage would be much less and maybe not even exist.

Sooner or later we have to get off the treadmill, and the longer you leave it, the worse the correction will be.

5 thoughts on “Auckland housing- Labour and ACT both ignore elephant in room

  1. It is unbelievable watching supposedly grown adults, in high office invent parallel universes to describe real world phenomenon that the common man on the street can see and understand with their own eyes.

    We truly have invented an “Alice through the looking glass” world.

    I was going to jump on GD to raise this very issue in light of the comments by the Reserve Bank Governor but it looks like it is Lonely Hearts Thursday over there at the moment so would be utterly wasted.


    • Yes, GD reads like a chat room set up especially for a convention of reformed alcoholics, drug abusers, ill geriatrics, and as you say, lonely hearts..Good ol Kowtow and Manolo still trying amongst the sludge.

      Incidentally David Seymour ACT leader responded to this post on twitter today. Most disappointing. You can forget about ACT as any kind of way out of this mess.


  2. Immigrants can either afford houses and current prices – or are willing to live in garages.

    Seymour is right – what Auckland actually needs is more slums – not more overbuilt overregulated overinsulated “homes” with indoor plumbing.


  3. Australia and Britain also are suffering from massive, unpopular immigration levels, both “illegal” and government-sanctioned.
    The hard truth is that what we the people want no longer matters, our masters decide and we are powerless to do a damn thing about it.
    As long as we participate in the farce that democracy has become then nothing will change.


  4. David ‘still wet behind the ears little boi’ Seymour I voted for you for one reason and one reason alone – ‘A mans house is his castle’ law. I am sick of the criminals running the streets and the liars running the government!!!

    Nut up you little rat-faced punk and deliver!!!


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