Emma Sky – ex British ambassador blames Iraq mess on Obama and Hillary Clinton

hillary_hope_3263396cA former British diplomat has strongly accused Hillary Clinton of contributing to Iraq’s disastrous meltdown during her four years as Barack Obama’s foreign policy chief. The UK Telegraph reports

Emma Sky, who served as an adviser to one of the top US commanders in Iraq, claims in a new book that Mrs Clinton operated a “dysfunctional” diplomatic mission to Baghdad that allowed a lapse back into sectarian warfare after elections in 2010.

While the demand for a speedy drawdown from Iraq was driven primarily by Mr Obama himself, Mrs Clinton is accused of appointing an incompetent US ambassador to Baghdad, Chris Hill, who had little experience of the region and held its people in contempt.

That then paved the way for Washington to be outmanoeuvred by Iraq’s prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, who was able to grab a second term in office despite fears that he was a sectarian dictator in the making.

Thanks to Mr Obama’s hasty pull-out at the end of 2011, Ms Sky says, hard-won opportunities for a lasting peace in Iraq after the war to remove Saddam Hussein in 2003 were squandered.

Ms Sky accusations are duplicated in an article adapted from her book in Politico magazine, titled “How Obama Abandoned Democracy in Iraq”.

2 thoughts on “Emma Sky – ex British ambassador blames Iraq mess on Obama and Hillary Clinton

  1. Abandoning “democracy” in Iraq sounds like the one sensible decision Osama bin Kenya made.

    The real problem was the invasion in the first place, rather than just nuking Iran and Iraq out of existence on 9/12


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