Muslim boat people throw Christian fellow travelers into the sea

Italian police have arrested 15 Muslim migrants suspected of throwing a dozen Christians from a boat in the Mediterranean.

Police in the Sicilian capital Palermo said they had arrested the men on Thursday after survivors reported they had thrown 12 people from Nigeria and Ghana to their deaths.

The men were charged with multiple homicide motivated by religious hatred.

“The motive for the resentment was traced to their faiths,” the police said in a statement.

The boat, which was carrying 105 passengers, had set out from the Libyan coast on Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Muslim boat people throw Christian fellow travelers into the sea

  1. If the West feels compelled to accept refugess from these third world shitholes, let’s take the Christians in and forcibly repatriate the rest back to the shitholes that their religion has invariably created.


    • They’re going to Italy for Chrissake, and they throw Christians into the sea?? I guess the irony of that situation completely escaped them.


  2. “Fellow travellers” huh? Well fellow travellers deserved to be thrown into the sea in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s so I don’t see why we suddenly like them now.


  3. “Funny how little we have heard from British liberals about a rather nasty outbreak of anti-immigrant violence this week.

    Black South Africans burst on to the streets of Durban and Johannesburg, savagely attacking and threatening black immigrants from other parts of Africa.

    Whatever this is, it isn’t ‘racist’. The assailants and victims alike are almost all black Africans. The fact that it is happening in a country liberals pretend is a rainbow paradise (when it isn’t) is also hard for them to handle.

    The sad truth is that mass migration, whatever the colour of the skins of those involved, upsets and worries indigenous people, especially the poorest. If it is not controlled – and South Africa has utterly failed to control it for many years – it can lead to serious social conflict.

    And if you think this doesn’t affect us, you are worryingly wrong. For Africa is exploding north and south, as war and famine uproot its unhappy millions.

    David Cameron’s irresponsible and ignorant intervention in Libya (which alone should be enough to ensure he never holds responsible office again) is now causing one of the greatest human upheavals of modern times.

    A wave of human misery is now heading to Europe – and eventually to Britain – from the fiery chaos of post-Cameron Libya.

    In one week, at least 10,000 migrants have been ferried to Italy by greedy criminal traffickers.”


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