Security service monitors Judeo Christian heritage NZ born citizens for suspected ties to ISIS

Radio NZ reports that the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) says more people are being monitored because of their links to Islamic State. Have a read of the following, and its obvious who they’re talking about, but apparently the PC whack jobs at Radio NZ and Rebecca Kitteridge can’t bring themselves to speak the truth.

Rebecca Kitteridge said that included people who were thinking about committing terrorist attacks here. Ms Kitteridge said she was more worried now about the potential of a terrorist attack here than when she first started her job just 11 months ago.

She said the threat posed by Islamic State is different because it is using social media to encourage people to mount attacks in their home countries.

“I think it’s the first time that we’ve seen a terrorist organisation actually actively trying to recruit people to commit attacks internationally,” she said.

“That’s the difference now compared to what we’ve seen before – so there’s an active effort to recruit anyone who might be susceptible to this type of propaganda.”

The SIS still has a watchlist of 30 to 40 people it is most interested in but she said the number had increased to nearer the top of that range. Ms Kitteridge said some of those were thinking about taking action here.

Obviously its second or third generation NZers of Judeo Christian heritage who are under suspicion here right readers? What other conclusion can we possibly come to?

6 thoughts on “Security service monitors Judeo Christian heritage NZ born citizens for suspected ties to ISIS

  1. “What other conclusion can we possibly come to?” I’ll take a jab at it. There are a few reasons I can think. They’re pretend Christians and helping ISIS under this disguise. They’re so called Christians that have the mind set of Charlie Manson. You know those Christian are very scary people, lol.

    Putting the joking aside. There are Christians out here in the world that help people in time of disaster, starting soup kitchens, shelter for the homeless, helping the.poor and sick, etc. in the name of Jesus. Big Government kind of got this thinking that is their kind of work, their show. Like the mafia, Big Government doesn’t like somebody muscling in on their territory. Christians worship the God of Heaven. Big Government wants people depended and worshiping them. Christians should know right from wrong and the difference between good and evil. Big Government doesn’t want to be told they are evil for oppressing, digging up injustice, dividing people. Big Government starts digging up dirt or making up stuff about Christians to get them out of the way like Nero did. Big Government seems to love the evil like Muslim and Communism, not religions are are suppose to love thy neighbor and good. This is the way my simple mind sees it.


  2. It’s getting a bit like the Fawlty Towers gag “Don’t mention the war…”

    Whatever you do, don’t say Muslim or Islam.


  3. When you think of it, its amazing how the campaign to silence any criticism by calling it xenophobic, racist or bigoted has worked so well in giving so many damaging political and social initiatives of the left a virtual free run.


  4. Sure it is. Most of Taame’s Army were “second or third generation NZers of Judeo Christian heritage”. If Taame hadn’t been so interested in reliving Vietnam ware fantasies in the back blocks of Ruatoria, and had been more interested in killing cartoonists or pipe-bombing primary schools, NZ’s last ten years would have been very very different.


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