Treaty settlement could involve 50% share of Hawke’s Bay Airport

Hawkes Bay Airport

Hawkes Bay Airport

A claimant group that could be offered a half-share in Hawke’s Bay Airport. Mana Ahuriri Incorporated has been offered “right of first refusal” for the government’s 50 per cent shareholding in Hawke’s Bay Airport Limited as part of its ongoing $20 million-plus Treaty of Waitangi claim settlement negotiations with the Crown.

Massey University history professor Michael Belgrave, a former Waitangi Tribunal research manager who continues to work on treaty research and settlements, said said while a number of significant commercial assets, including the grounds of Waikato University, had been used to settle claims, he was unaware of a share of a strategic asset such as an airport previously being offered up by the Crown.

If the airport shares did change hands, Mana Ahuriri would co-own the business with Napier City Council, which has a 26 per cent stake, and Hastings District Council, which owns the other 24 per cent.

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11 replies

  1. And they want to change the name by adding Ahuriri to it.Taine Randall has recently been appointed a director.


  2. Unreal and it was under water before the HB earthquake.
    These ‘treaty settlements’ are blatant theft and corruption.


  3. Or – like with Taame’s Army, or in Ireland, or Iran, just buying off the terrorists.

    There is another way: look to Sri Lanka. What happened to the Tamil Tigers?


  4. There’s a reason thus defrauding of the NZ public has been going on since the late 80s and will not stop….ever…. is because by splitting the settlements out into small bunches, you can just about make the plebs accept it. It will make them angry,but will life will go on if it is just the airport, just the forest, just the river, just the airwaves etc. All viewed in isolation, disgraceful but life will go on.

    If however, you were to draw up a complete list of every single thing handed over, there would be riots on the street and the government of the time would be turned over.

    Why do you think they keep us so distracted with bread and circuses.

    It’s just like our monetary system:
    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford


  5. PS: Excuse the grammar above – typed in a rush!


  6. 100% correct EAD

    people have no idea what a ponzie scheme the monetarty system is.

    As for first right of refusal it will be at a discounted rate and funded at a preferential rate by the Government, it will also come with a Government Guarantee should things not work out.


  7. Billions for tribute;
    Not a cent for defence.


  8. “Riots in the streets”, every voter in the land knows what’s happening and yet we keep voting for the same crooks . I despair.


  9. Oh, the HB Today newspaper says the Napier City Council fully supports the name change and i’m betting HDC will too and the name change will go ahead.

    So the poll and public opinion means shit, once again.


  10. Mind you, they caved on the ridiculous 70km speed limits that turned half of HB’s 100km roads into “Safe Zones’. No PC or minority rights to accommodate there, though..


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