Tyrants on left call for Pyne’s resignation over funding for Bjorn Lomborg

No GWThe Australian Federal Government has allocated $4 million in funding to climate contrarian Dr Bjorn Lomborg for a “consensus centre” at the University of West Australia, and the left are screaming their heads off.

The Danish economist and environmentalist has moved to the UWA’s school of business and has also been appointed as Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s advisors on foreign aid.

Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Johnson said the funding was offered specifically for the centre following discussions between Dr Lomborg and Mr Pyne as well as conversations between the minister and the Vice Chancellor over six to seven months.

One of three projects the consensus centre will undertake will focus on setting global priorities for development and aid to “produce the most good for every development dollar spent,” the statement read.

In other words money will be spent on real benefits and not pissed up against the wall in a scam that’s real objective is to provide the left with unrestricted global power.

National Tertiary Education Union president Jeannie Rea called for Minister Pyne’s resignation over the funding revelations, questioning how the government could spare $4 million while attempting to gouge funding to higher education.

“The money has been found despite the government’s plans to cut university funding by billions of dollars, including funding for higher degree research students,” Ms Rea said.

Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change Mark Butler accused the Abbott government of funding research that would support the government’s weak stance on combating climate change.

“Tony Abbott is using scarce public funds to help legitimise his climate scepticism and attack on renewable energy,” Mr Butler said.

Well, you know, you communist scum can just FO, and its not as if $4 million is anything compared to the billions wasted on the myth of AGW.

3 thoughts on “Tyrants on left call for Pyne’s resignation over funding for Bjorn Lomborg

  1. Well, I thought the chart would emphasize the correctness of Bjorn Lomberg’s stance which is that money spent on perceived mitigation of global warming is far better spent doing something real to alleviate poverty.

    Maybe I should have spelt it out more clearly, but Lomborgs thesis is that money spent fighting global warming is wasted and much better spent on more realistic and productive matters.

    I’ve emphasized the relevant text after your comment.


  2. I bought Lomberg’s book “Cool It” a few years ago on the assumption that it was balanced. He seemed quite pragmatic and clearly not interested in bullshit that would make no difference while making the progressives feel good about them making monumental sacrifices like, say, keeping the I Phone for longer than is cool to do so.


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