Some good advice for Andrew Little and other Labour voters

Rod Liddle is associate editor of The UK Spectator, a magazine broadly regarded as on the right of the political spectrum. He also contributes to The Sunday Times and The Sun.

Its somewhat surprising to read his latest Spectator column wherein he reveals he’s a Labour voter. He says-

I am a Socialist. I am not a liberal. Liberalism, or what it has become, makes me heave; I loathe it. More often than not, liberalism is economic self-interest cloaked in faux concern. I do not mean the economic liberalism of Margaret Thatcher, I mean the totalitarian political correctness and acquired victimhood of the London pretend-left.

Mr. Liddle is talking about UK Labour of course but I think the same criticism applies here in NZ. Go to any of the local Labour Party allied blogs and you’d be extremely lucky to strike anyone who sounds like a blue collar worker.

The Standard, The Daily Blog, Public Address, they’re mostly snivelling would-be elitist academics in the Helen Clark mould, who would probably cross the street if they saw a bunch of builder’s labourers or train drivers or bricklayers coming towards them.

Liddle goes on-

I think we are happier as a country and a people when there is a communitarian spirit and ethos – which is one of the reasons I loathe the creed of multiculturalism. Shared values and a shared pride in our heritage. A respect for work and for the financial benefits that hard work brings. A belief in virtue for virtue’s sake.

I have a lot of sympathy for those who intend to vote Ukip – I’m not far from that position myself – and even for those who vote Tory in order to stop Miliband – who I believe is inept and in a sense the epitome of what I dislike about the modern Labour Party – getting in.

A surprising rant, but quite accurate in identifying that the Labour party of the new millenium is far removed from its working class roots and now basically controlled by oleaginous progressives more interested in being impeccably politically correct than improving the lot of the working man.

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