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  1. You’ve been doing such a wonderful job of filling in the news in a way the “petrified dead tree media” would never dare, I thought you’d love this.


  2. Sorry Pascal, it was rude of me not to acknowledge your emails and I have been fully intending too. I have been busy at work and attempting to run a blog addressing current events at the same time and it doesn’t leave me much time. BTW, I have the cartoon you sent and have just been awaiting the best time to post it.

    Thank you for your kind words and please know that your long term readership is greatly appreciated. I try and write articles that have some kind of attachment to concepts of liberty, and you are right, the MSM will not do this fo rthey don’t even think in those terms in most cases.

    Mostly ignoramuses that are the product of a dysfunctional education system they have IMHO no clue of what is important and what is not.

    Trudeau is repugnant communist scum. Thanks again for the great cartoon (both of them).


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