Texas set to approve open carry

Open carryFox News reports that the Texas House of Representatives on Friday voted 96-35 to allow residents with concealed-handgun licenses to openly carry their guns in public in holsters.

In contrast to its reputation for being permissive on firearms, Texas is one of six states, including California, New York and Florida, that currently bars citizens from openly carrying handguns. People who want to carry handguns in public on their person must obtain concealed-weapons permits and keep the weapons hidden.

A fact which caused a certain NZ journalist some embarrassment a few years ago when she claimed to have been intimidated by men wearing guns openly in Texas diners.

“We are seeing historic progress in Texas,” said Terry Holcomb Sr., executive director of Texas Carry, a gun-rights group. He noted that open-carry legislation had never even made it out of a Texas legislative committee before this year.

Great progress for liberty in Texas. I guess its the constant power grabbing of the anti-2nd amendment  Obama administration that spurred Texas into actually passing the legislation this year.

9 thoughts on “Texas set to approve open carry

  1. “I guess its the constant power grabbing of the anti-2nd amendment Obama administration that spurred Texas into actually passing the legislation this year.”

    It is. The Obama Administration is the reason most states are making laws (like the freedom of religious acts) to protect their citizens from power hungry laws made by the federal govt.


  2. At least they have some limitations.

    There are no such constraints on our own Government.Look at the result a huge monolith completely out of control.


  3. Open carry is the first step – not the last!

    It’s not enough to be able to carry – we also must be able to use, openly, without fear of state investigation or prosecution. That’s why laws enshrining the “Castle Doctrine”, “Stand your Ground”, and Citizens’ Presumption of Innocence are so important.

    If I shot down a criminal or an illegal or someone resisting arrest: I shouldn’t be investigated to have to fill in any forms let along turn up in court – I should get an award!


  4. You fuckers are crazy. Open carry is just the beginning of the end for the states. Go fucking live there if you want to pop some poor idiot who steals your stuff. This site is not intelligent conservative. Go join the fucking Tea Party you morons.


    • I believe in the basic human right to protect myself and my family by any means possible.

      That is a right I do not have in New Zealand.

      Fight or flight should be my choice and my choice alone.

      Remember the first responder to any crime is always the victim.


  5. Emotive. Laced with unnecessary profanity and invective. Lacking in any kind of rational argument. Intolerant and bigoted. And people wonder why I am reluctant to allow Progressives to comment here.

    Maybe anyone who thinks I should change my mind about that can tell me one thing that is gained by publishing Mr. Carson’s comment.


    • Agree 100% with your sentiments.

      But also believe strongly in free speech. You may not like what people have to say but you should respect the right for people to hold a view and speak about it.

      The reason that left wing blogs fail is that they ban everybody who does not agree with them, no decent is allowed. Even deformed gnomes have a right to be represented.

      Some people say you should not feed the trolls others see them as sport.

      We should strive to be better than them. I know a moral high ground argument.

      It is your blog and your rules, So your call.


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