Airforce veteran Michelle Manhart arrested for taking US flag from protesters

Manhart 2 Fox News reports that military veteran Michelle Manhart was reportedly detained and charged by Valdosta State University police in Georgia Friday after she took an American flag from a group of protesters who were walking on it.

“I did not want anything like this, but I got a call from a student who told me that the flag was on the ground, and they were walking on it,” Manhart told the Daily Times. “I was just going over there to pick up the flag off the ground. I don’t know what their cause is, but I went to pick it up because it doesn’t deserve to be on the ground.”

Manhart said she was taken into custody by campus police who then returned the flag to the demonstrators. If you watch the video below you’ll see what vile pieces of Marxist excrement the so called demonstrators are.

The group declined to press charges. The officers who detained her did not press charges either for resisting arrest.

Michelel Manhart has a colourful history-

Manhart 1Michelle D. Manhart (born 1976) is a former United States Air Force Military Training Instructor who was based at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, and held the rank of Staff Sergeant.
In January 2007 she was relieved of duty and placed under investigation for posing nude in Playboy magazine.

According to the Lackland AFB spokesman, such actions do not meet the high standards of expected of airmen nor the Air Force’s core values. She was subsequently demoted to Senior Airman, a move which caused her to leave the Air Force. Manhart is nowadays married with two children.


Full video of event.


4 thoughts on “Airforce veteran Michelle Manhart arrested for taking US flag from protesters

  1. Looking at the lardy policeman I formed a view you would need to speak very slowly to make him understand anything. The left do have some complete shits among their ranks.


  2. This girl needs support. Imagine if there had been more than one, say 20, or 30 or even 100 there who supported her in taking the flag back from those scum? Then what would the cops have done? She is only one, but she is demonstrating what has to happen if America has to be restored. Conservatives have to get off their arses and get in the left’s faces.


    • Better still, imagine if this had been in Florida, with constitutional open carry and strong stand-your-ground laws. Justice would have been delivered openly, swiftly, finally, and above all, constitutionally — to the protestors!


  3. The police were no better than the protesters. They are not worthy to wear the uniform they have on. God help the USA from the scum, starting at the top – the vile lying Obama..


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