Japan’s population drops for fourth year in row

Japan’s population has dropped for the fourth year in a row, bringing it to a low not seen since 2000, and now more than 1 in 4 people in Japan is 65 or older

Last year, the population dropped by 215000, but the number of people aged 65 or older in Japan has reached 33 million and they outnumber people 14 and younger 2 to 1.

The population of Japan today is 127 million, but govt estimates this will fall to 87 million by 2060. By then 40% of people will be over 65.

Japan is  harbinger for many Western countries, including the US as woman delay having children because of social and economic pressure.

2 thoughts on “Japan’s population drops for fourth year in row

  1. Whatever the economic outcome may be (the truth is a constantly growing population is truly only needed to support a welfare state) – in a hundred years time the Japan will still be an island nation, sovereign and free, and recognisably Japanese. The ethnic British, however will have all but disappeared – submerged in a sea of 3rd World and mainly Muslim immigrants. Unless, the British wake up and make a stand, that is (see my post on Farage)


  2. Most of the west and us included are fast going down that track.

    One of the drivers is a generation of un family friendly policies.

    Basically you are better off financially if mummy and daddy are not together.

    Look at Maoridom where we are seeing a complete breakdown of the family unit.

    This is all to do with Government policy driven by the need for an ever increasing TAX take.

    We should have policies like allowing partners to split their income for TAX purposes.

    Policies that encourage families to stay together.

    Some couples, because of their circumstances, are able to split their income. But the TAX nazis do not like it one little bit.


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