UK Green party supporters prefer long haul holiday flights

Breitbart reports that in yet another example of the the rank hypocrisy that characterises the Green party, a new survey identified Watermelons as those most commonly using long haul flights and hiring gas guzzling rental cars.

The survey by website Travelzoo also found that Green supporters were also more likely to steal hotel toiletries.

The website asked 3,000 Brits about their travel habits and political allegiance. UKIP supporters were the most likely to prefer a hot a destination, with 90 per cent of them admitting to being sun-seekers, however they were much less likely than Conservatives so go for luxury holidays, preferring budget breaks instead.

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats were most likely to book a cruise and Labour supporters most likely to go all-inclusive.

Louise Hodges of Travelzoo said: “We were very surprised to see that Green Party supporters are the most likely to fly long-haul.

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  1. I’m going to vote green, my decision to do so is nothing to do with their environmental credentials but their human rights stance, education policies and opinions on social equality and tax. You might as well criticise every labour voter who is unemployed or ukip supporter who has a foreign heritage. Politics really is a bit more complicated that you make out.


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