ISIS recruiter makes video urging ISIS Australian cells to carry out attacks

An Australian terror recruiter has appeared in a new Islamic State propaganda video calling for attacks on home soil. The video seems a direct challenge to authorities who frequently claim there is no co-ordinated effort by overseas groups to organise attacks in Western countries.

Neil Prakash, 23, is considered by counter-terrorism authorities as the top Australian recruiter for Islamic State fighters, and was most recently linked to the group of five men arrested over an alleged Anzac Day terror plot.

Like the men arrested on Saturday, Prakash has links to al-Furqan Islamic Centre in Springvale South, a suburb of Melbourne.

In the 12-and-half-minute clip, Prakash, who is based in Syria and goes by the jihadist name Abu Khalid al-Kambodi, details his conversion to Islam and his involvement in the Syrian conflict.

He goes on to urge young Muslims to ‘rise up’ and launch attacks in Australia. It is not known when the video was recorded but it surfaced on Live Leak overnight.

“I send a message to my beloved brothers in Islam Australia,” Prakash said in the video.

“Now is the time to rise, now is the time to wake up. You must start attacking before they attack you.”

“All I hear on the news in Australia is that this sister has been violated, this sister had her hijab ripped off, but no you see the brothers sitting.”

“And I ask you brothers, when is the time you are going to rise up and attack them for attacking you?”

Later in the clip he praises his ‘brother’ Numan Haider, the teenager shot dead during a knife attack on two police officers outside a Melbourne police station last year.

The cells are within the West and these so called lone wolf attacks are not anything of the kind but they are high level terrorism organised by ISIS through a network of web based communications.

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