Koch Bros plan to spend $900 million on US presidential elections

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, wield significant financial and political influence on US politics, both directly and indirectly, via various advocacy and lobbying organizations.

The brothers are considering throwing their massive wealth and sophisticated organization into the Republican presidential primary for the first time. The Kochs have resisted jumping into presidential campaigns in the past because they had doubts in the value of the investment.

In a 2010 ruling, the US Supreme Court allowed unlimited independent spending by corporations in elections.

Jeb Bush will be given a chance to audition for the support of the Koch brothers who have invited him to a summer conference along with Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Bush doesn’t seem to fit the profile for Koch backing, as many see him as an establishment RINO and in a vastly different category to the other invitees. My own opinion is the Koch’s need their heads read if they put any money behind Bush.

Bush IMHO is as bad as Hillary Clinton.

2 thoughts on “Koch Bros plan to spend $900 million on US presidential elections

  1. Oh really? Bush is an Israel-loving socialist.

    Hillary is an all out Israel-hating, America-hating communist traitor.

    Now Bush sure ain’t great, but he’s a hell of a lot better than Hellary!


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