Key has form- other ponytail pulling incident surfaces

John Key is alleged to have pulled the pony-tails of a further two school girls while on a visit to the national museum Te Papa.

Mark Blackham of BlacklandPR said his 12-year-old daughter watched last night’s television news and said, “that’s what the Prime Minister did at Te Papa to my two friends”.

She was talking about the NZ Prime Minister John Key pulling the ponytail of a cafe worker, and previous footage of him touching a young girl’s ponytail.

Mark wrote about the incident on his blog “Political Business”. He said his daughter had visited Te Papa on a school trip late last year when the incident allegedly took place.

I guess there’ll be more to come.

A strange habit for a PM or anybody to have for sure, and this latest information gives more context to John Key’s description of Amanda Bailey’s ponytail as “tantalising”.

5 thoughts on “Key has form- other ponytail pulling incident surfaces

  1. Could this be, possibly, be, ah um, ah, a, um, a sort of, um, ah, a bit of a fetish ?
    Thank goodness it doesn’t involve licking womens’ shoes.


  2. Thought there was more to come out on this subject, it was very unlikely to be an isolated incident.

    What is disturbing is the age of those involved, pedophile type carry on.


  3. I wonder if Jackie Blue will write a letter to key like she did with Paul Henry.

    Yeah Right.

    How about going on the Paul Henry show and talking about it.

    Yeah Right.


  4. I am hopeful that it’s nothing more sinister than a man who likes touching pony tails because the girls remind him of his daughter. She’s still in France, isn’t she?


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