Amanda Bailey – personal details on facebook page suggest her politics are hard left

ScreenShot032 Who is surprised to find that Amanda is most likely a commie?

Not me.

Apparently her Facebook page makes no secret of the fact that she’s of the hard left persuasion and probably therefore regards John Key with the customary disdain. She probably even thinks he’s some kind of extreme right winger.

As Sector7g points out in the comments to the previous post-

Amanda Bailey.
John Campbell.
Citizen “A” (Bomber Bradburys group of bloggers).
Reject the political system.
Bombers blog.
Stop the search and surveillance bill now!
Campaign for the living wage.
The 9/11 truth factory.
She also has plenty of socialist/environmental bullshit scattered throughout her page.

Yep, a common and garden variety commie.

So that adds the missing dimension to the issue that we all knew would be there somewhere. The political connections that had to exist.

However the fact remains John Key is the PM. The fact remains he did pull her pony tail for a long time in a situation that is bizarre to say the least. Key got himself into this, and if he was allowing himself to be played by some left wing bimbo then he’s only got himself to blame.

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3 replies

  1. Don’t yah love it when the left fight it out amongst themselves. Of course those on the far left, like this lady, would think that centre left John Key is an actual right winger.


  2. has anyone doxxed her yet? it’s only enetivable that will happen


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